Since 2013 I’m involved in an exciting project about 3D People Tracker. We are developing a great pasive system to detect automatically danger situations for elderpeople (falls, prolonged absences, etc). The system works fine in complete darkness and respects the privacy of the people.

Since 2008 I have worked with Android platform in several devices. I have coordinated and participate in the development of the first FLOSS engine of mobile augmented reality (LibreGeoSocial, ARviewer, GogglesFLOSS). I have experience new techniques about the design of the mobile architectures to create simple and easy-way applications in different platforms (phoneGap) and I have developed a lot of projects with Arduino&Android.

Currently, my research interests are related with Intelligent 3D Sensor System to eldercare people

Mainly … coder! I+D Project Management, Motivation, Work-Groups, Scrum, Responsibility, Android Developer, Arduino, RaspBerryPi, Machine Learning, computer vision, ICE, Xtion/Kinect, FLOSS technologies, FLOSS philosophy, GNU/Linux, Debian, Embedded systems, RESTfull API

I’m trainer in free software and android development:


  • Android & RaspBerryPi Training to TKNIKA (Innovation Center:


  • Android & Arduino Training to TKNIKA (Innovation Center:
  •  II Edition of “Android Development” in Rey Juan Carlos University (
  •  Official Master of FreeSoftware ( URJC )


  • FPentumovil: Android Developer Training. Founded by European Social Fund (ESF).
  •  Official Master of FreeSoftware ( URJC )


  • First edition of “Android Development” in Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Official Master of FreeSoftware ( URJC )


  • “Master of Free Software” (editions in Madrid and Galicia)