The “Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha”, through the “Centre of Free Software (CESLCAM)”, has launched an innovative pilot project, GeoInfo CLM, which facilitates through mobile access information about Albacete and his fair.This project has born of LibreGeoSocial project developed by GSyC/LibreSoft group of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. LibreGeoSocial is a project based on free software that allows the creation of social networks mobile with augmented reality interface. At the moment, LibreGeoSocial is the only FLOSS engine available about augmented reality.

The project has a mobile client application that allows you to use Android mobile phone for obtain the information about monuments, exhibitions, activities, restaurants, hotels or shops about Albacete and its fair. Users can also introduce geo-located information using text, images, audios or videos and share it with other users. Visitors to the fair can learn this technology through the volunteers of the City of Albacete, which will be located at different points of information authorized by the fairgrounds. The volunteers provide Samsung Galaxy S for the demos.

GeoInfo CLM, a pilot project of the CESLCAM, has enjoyed the cooperation of the City of Albacete, III Centennial Foundation, the Foundation Science and Technology Park of Albacete, GSyC/LibreSoft group of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real, Publik, Telefónica, and ViveAlbacete as a diffuser of the project.

For download the application you can do it using the Android Market or through the QR code:

More info: CESLCAM webpage

Project Page / Source Code: Forge

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