Recently, we have added a new feature to LibreGeoSocial platform to extend the usability of our MAR (Mobile Augmented Reality) engine. We can sub-divide this feature in two sub-features. The first one analize and compare the images to find similar image. Using SURF technologies we can obtain several key points of the image that are distinctives and relevants. These points are invariant to the size, orientation or rotation, so the algorithm can find the original image although the image taken has not the same size, orientation or rotation. The second feature shown in the video is the possibility to anchor virtual images on a real picture. The image is analyzed in the mobile itself and looking for ways similar to a picture or photograph (like square or rectangle). This analysis is done in real time and keeps the tracking of the geometry shape to anchor the virtual information on real information.

Currently, we are studying new ways to analize and compare thousand the images in a small time. 

This system has multiple uses in tourism, museums, publicity, online publicity and other sectors where it is your imagination :-). The video shown all these features in action. Remember activate the subtitles to get more information about the system.



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