Security and Surveillance Systems have always been demand in the industrial and home environment. The cameras, which human eyes are able to collect all visual information from the environment. Extensions necessary and highly desirable in these systems, and that few possess, are integration and interconnection with other systems, video surveillance and display all the information on a mobile device, which lately is becoming essential in a peripheral daily life. Most existing surveillance systems are based on the hardware, and software is old and have not a good design, so it’s difficult allowing scalability and increased functionality. 

This project, called Surveillance, raises the development of a distributed video system integrated in mobile device based on Android. For this we have designed a distributed system, multi-platform, multi-lenguage and high scalability. The system performs records through the cameras installed and it is associated with an alarm generation by motion detection. All this is managed and viewed from a mobile device based on Android with intelligent touchscreen. One of the most important features has been developed is receiving real-time video in mobile device, both the cameras and recordings made. 



The system has been experimentally validated and proven correct operation. For the implementation of this project is used software platform architecture and JDEROBOT, distributed component programming six main functions that are: get the images from the camera, motion analysis, centralize the management of the recordings, making the recordings, display information on mobile and manage logical recordings and alarms. It has also opted to use frameworks, consolidated libraries and tools (ICE, GStreamer and VLC) to provide robustness to the system. Finally, we have integrated and improved several components of this infrastructure, obtaining a correct and efficient functioning.

Of sourse, this project is a FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) project. You can obtain the source code and documentation in the next links:


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