Android Developer Lab is a set of events around the worldwide aimed at bringing technology to Android developers.

Thanks to the co-organization of Google and GSyC/LibreSoft research group (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), there will be an Android Developer Lab in Madrid, specifically on the campus of Fuenlabrada at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

To attend this event registration is required because the capacity is limited (runs to register)

Note: Currently, the register process is closed. In some days, the process will open again with the last invitations

Speaker: Reto Meier
Challenge is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google and is the author of ‘Professional Android Application Development 2’. As the EMEA Android Closely Advocate he works with Android developers, helping them make the most of the platform to bring rich, compelling apps to the Android Market. Before Google he worked in various industries, including
offshore oil and gas while in Australia and the London finance market.

Agenda and details of the event will be reported in AndroidFLOSS

Fuente: AndroidFLOSS

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