Making screencast for Android classes

I need to record some screencast with audio for my online classes of Android. It’s a good way to explain all the topics about programming and android development. Slides, exercises, moodle and screencast is a cool combination to create high-quality online courses. Also I use a digital tablet to write in the desktop/slides to clarify the explication. Finally I’m used to manage openShot as video editor, it’s simple and very powerful.

I use the following ffmpeg command to record screencast (audio+video) of the desktop and Android emulator:

ffmpeg -f alsa -i plughw:0 -f x11grab -s 1680x1050
-r 24 -b 200k -bf 2 -g 300 -i :0.0
-ar 11050 -ab 64k -acodec libmp3lame
-vcodec libxvid -aspect 1.555 -sameq outputFile.avi

To avoid problems with the audio recording you must configurate your android emulator with the following keys:

Audio PlayBack Support =  NO / FALSE
Audio Recording Support = NO / FALSE


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