Decompile is a process to revert the compile operation. I main, decompile converts the low level code in high level code. The Android application is compiled in APK container that groups files as: xml, images and class. APK containers are actually ZIP containers. An interest thing is can see the xml configuration or some source code of others applications. If this applications are Free Software is not a problem, but if this applications are privated we can’t see its configuration. The next application help you to decompile an APK file to see xml configuration and source code.

Some tools I’ve found:

  • APKTool: Decompile all the configuration XML and resources as images. It’s great to view AndroidManifest.xml or some layout xml. The source code is decompiled to “smali”. This assembler language is based in dalvik but it’s not translate to JAVA.
  • dex2jar: If we unzip the APK file we find a .dex files. This tools translate .dex file to JAR file with all the class files of the project. So, you can use any class2java decompiler to view source code
  • JAD Java Decompiler: It’s widely used through command line and very useful to make scripts by automatic process
  • JDGUI: Graphic decompiler and integrated with eclipse. It’s not a efficient solution to run process in background.
Currently, I’m interesting in decompile Android applications because I want to know the data imported/exported by them. And this is possible if I can analyze the AndroidManifest.xml and the source code.
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