The first prototype video of ESTUFA

ESTUFA is a framework that provides several ways to connect and re-use mobile applications (in previous post I already presented this idea). The system allow build “execution chains” to connect and plumb two applications.

This project is based in the idea of re-use and compose new applications using components (in this case Alchemist). It has a strong context with “end-user software engieneer”, we want implement a solution from end-user non-developers to build new applications without technical knowledge.

See the video to know how it’s possible connect IO FileManager with Twitter or GMail. For this, we use an execution chain that create a file zip from files of File Manager, upload it to dropbox, obtains a tiny URL pointing to dropbox and finally send this url to GMail or Twitter. The power of ESTUFA resides in its alchemists and the compatibility between these and applications.

If all goes well, this project will be my PhD thesis over the next 2 years 🙂


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