The last Google I/O a new feature based in Android and Arduino was released. The ADK allows the communication between Android and Arduino using a USB connection. Google have developed a library called “USB Accessory” in Android and Arduino. So, this library help us to send and receive data through USB interface. Using the USB accessory we can control the Arduino board. We can power-on or power-off leds, servos, components and read the data of sensors (temperature, humidity, movement, etc).

The next video shows how is possible read/write an analog I/O (values between 0 and 1023) and read/write digital I/O (values 0 and 1). We have connected three leds to digital outputs and one potentiometer in an analog input. The potentiometer simulated all possibles values (0-1023 ~ 0-5v).

Arduino Source Code:

Android Source Code:

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