New challenges about Android, AR and Arduino

During the next months I will work in three interesting topics. The first of them is the creation of a new architecture based in Android that allow communicate and integrate applications. The second  is the port of ARviewer to iPhone platform using phoneGap. And the last one is the very well-know Arduino and its possibilities with Android USB Host.

Some months ago we have started to developed a new idea about “create new android apps easily”. The magic idea is that the user can connect two o more applications with “connectors” (your way), although this applications haven’t been developed for that purpose. For example, imagine that you can (as user) configure twitter to show the all contents in ARviewer application, or you can configure to show this twitts in an amazing map. The developers don’t know the use of his data, only they configure some outputs and inputs and the final user is the responsible of link this applications. Numerous filters also are incorporated into the platform, so the final user can modify the data exchanged between applications. All the ideas are early but I wish tell you in more detail in the next posts.

Currently, ARviewer is the best FLOSS augmented reality viewer. The last year, we began the port of ARviewer to other platforms (iPhone) using a multi-platform framework. In the previous post I talked about the implementation in Android using PhoneGap. In short, we will have the development completed to run in iPhone platform. Some people have shown interest about this project, so we are very exciting about this and we are looking forward to show our work!

Google announced  in the last Google I/O a new feature: Android Open Accessory Development Kit. The new amazing feature allow communicate the Android devices with the Arduino boards using a USB HOST! This is a cool idea! New projects are shaping up using this technology to communicate micro-systems with Android devices. For example, imagine a little electronic circuit with Arduino that control a cooling system. You could connect your android phone to Arduino board to control and recollect all the information about the system. See an example of this idea [video]

The next 6 months I will work in these topics, so I wish tell you all the results about this interesting topics before the end of the year!

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