Kinect’s depth map on your Android device

Two weeks ago, I have received the new fashion gadget of Microsoft: the kinect sensor. Thanks for the community (libfreenect), this sensor designed for Xbox can be used in GNU/Linux systems. Lately I have the need of integrate anything with Android mobile (is it because I have over 3 years programming with Android?) So, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

Using JDEROBOT (a distributed framework to programming behaviors robotic) and ICE (Internet Communications Engine) is possible show the images of kinect in an Android mobile. Using the mobile we can see the normal image, the depth image, control the tilt movements and play with the leds. For this, it’s necessary connect the kinect to PC with jderobot running and the android mobile access to PC using wifi connection to obtain all the date and images.

Soon, all source code will be FLOSS, meanwhile you can see the next video.

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