The last week we had the opportunity to present (one more time) our project LibreGeoSocial. The first, we want to thanks MadridOnRails to invite us for promote our group GSyC/LibreSoft and out research lines. This year, the SIMO only had one hall!! (8 years ago, the SIMO used ten halls).

We made the presentation in the stand of “Ayuntamiento de Madrid”. There are several slots of 20 minutes where the people talk about his projects. In our case, we speak about our research group (talk by José Gato) and about our Augmented Reality FLOSS engine, LibreGeoSocial (talk by me). As usual we awaken curiosity because our research group is atypical and we have some interesting projects to the industry. One important conclusion is … the slides are boring!! The augmented reality videos are very impressive!!

If you want to see the presentation and videos in PDF format, download the Slides
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