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WorldTripLogger working!!

We tried the WorldTripLogger one day before MrHicks46 began his world trip on his motorcycle. We have noticed that the vibrations will be a little bit of a problem because some pictures have some wrong lines in the image, but most … Continue reading

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Show your RTSP video in Android with VLC

If you have developed an Android app with video streaming, I’m sure you notice that Android use a pre-load of video buffer that fills in 10 seconds. This delay is hardcode in the source code. It’s very hard create a … Continue reading

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Polynomial Regression

Polynomial Regression is a form of linear regression model but fits a non-linear relationship between the value X and Y. Basically we have to add new features to the final equation. But what features? It’s simple we can add the … Continue reading

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Making screencast for Android classes

I need to record some screencast with audio for my online classes of Android. It’s a good way to explain all the topics about programming and android development. Slides, exercises, moodle and screencast is a cool combination to create high-quality … Continue reading

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Multi-variable linear regression

I continue working with machine learning algorithms. In a previous post I talked about linear regression with one variable and I described different algorithms to predict hypothesis. In this case, I’m playing with linear regression but, with some features. Linear regression … Continue reading

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Playing with machine learning: Linear Regression

Since two months ago I’m researching about machine learning and its algorithms. The goal is get a good unsupervised and clustering algorithm to analyze every android applications and predict what application you want to install or use in a particular time. The … Continue reading

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