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Send binary data with ICE

Ice provides a communication solution that is simple to understand and easy to program with. Yet, despite its simplicity, Ice is flexible enough to accommodate even the most demanding and mission-critical applications. ICE framework has a few primitive types to … Continue reading

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Asus Xtion: usb soft reset

If you have an Asus Xtion pro live and usually you work under GNU/Linux, perhaps you notice than sometimes you can’t read from Asus Xtion because the usb bus has a problem. Unfortunately the only way to solve this problem is  disconnect … Continue reading

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Video Surveillance HD: Raspberrypi + PiCam + Android

The video-surveillance field is active many years ago, but there is only products that show image and little else. It’s need to add intelligence to surveillance tasks. We are committed to create technology to care for people and avoid dangerous situations. For this we have created a surveillance … Continue reading

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RPI Camera Board

It’s a great pleasure have this cool gadget. This is the new RPI Camera Board, the essential part in every RPI project! The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a custom designed add-on for Raspberry Pi. It attaches to Raspberry Pi by … Continue reading

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Distributed Video Surveillance System based on Android

Security and Surveillance Systems have always been demand in the industrial and home environment. The cameras, which human eyes are able to collect all visual information from the environment. Extensions necessary and highly desirable in these systems, and that few possess, are integration and interconnection with … Continue reading

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Kinect’s depth map on your Android device

Two weeks ago, I have received the new fashion gadget of Microsoft: the kinect sensor. Thanks for the community (libfreenect), this sensor designed for Xbox can be used in GNU/Linux systems. Lately I have the need of integrate anything with … Continue reading

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Connecting Android to JDEROBOT through ICE

Today, it seem impossible that we can’t control anything from our mobile device. I’m using JDEROBOT software to create a video-surveillance system based in software libre and low cost hardware. A good feature for this system is the total control … Continue reading

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