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Video Surveillance HD: Raspberrypi + PiCam + Android

The video-surveillance field is active many years ago, but there is only products that show image and little else. It’s need to add intelligence to surveillance tasks. We are committed to create technology to care for people and avoid dangerous situations. For this we have created a surveillance … Continue reading

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Show your RTSP video in Android with VLC

If you have developed an Android app with video streaming, I’m sure you notice that Android use a pre-load of video buffer that fills in 10 seconds. This delay is hardcode in the source code. It’s very hard create a … Continue reading

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Android SDK 64bit and Debian amd64

As you know, it’s possible download the Android SDK for 32 and 64 bits architecture.  If you choose 64bit architecture you notice that some binaries are compiled to 32bit architecture 1 2 3 vega:$/android/sdk/platform-tools$ file aapt aapt: ELF 32-bit LSB … Continue reading

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Making screencast for Android classes

I need to record some screencast with audio for my online classes of Android. It’s a good way to explain all the topics about programming and android development. Slides, exercises, moodle and screencast is a cool combination to create high-quality … Continue reading

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The first prototype video of ESTUFA

ESTUFA is a framework that provides several ways to connect and re-use mobile applications (in previous post I already presented this idea). The system allow build “execution chains” to connect and plumb two applications. This project is based in the idea … Continue reading

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Arduino & Android & ADK

The last Google I/O a new feature based in Android and Arduino was released. The ADK allows the communication between Android and Arduino using a USB connection. Google have developed a library called “USB Accessory” in Android and Arduino. So, this … Continue reading

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New challenges about Android, AR and Arduino

During the next months I will work in three interesting topics. The first of them is the creation of a new architecture based in Android that allow communicate and integrate applications. The second  is the port of ARviewer to iPhone platform using … Continue reading

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Distributed Video Surveillance System based on Android

Security and Surveillance Systems have always been demand in the industrial and home environment. The cameras, which human eyes are able to collect all visual information from the environment. Extensions necessary and highly desirable in these systems, and that few possess, are integration and interconnection with … Continue reading

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Kinect’s depth map on your Android device

Two weeks ago, I have received the new fashion gadget of Microsoft: the kinect sensor. Thanks for the community (libfreenect), this sensor designed for Xbox can be used in GNU/Linux systems. Lately I have the need of integrate anything with … Continue reading

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AR interface in Android using phoneGap

Since 6 months ago we have evaluated the possibility to implement a new AR interface (based in our project ARviewer) using phoneGap. phoneGap is a mobile framework based in HTML5/JS that allow execute the same source code HTML5 in differents … Continue reading

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