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Always Parcelable, never Serializable (in Android)

“The final conclusion of Android Team is that Serializable in JAVA is far too slow to satisfy Android’s interprocess-communication requirements. So the team built the Parcelable solution”. Just read this sentence is enough to forget Serializable mechanism. But, I want to show you … Continue reading

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How decompile an Android Application

Decompile is a process to revert the compile operation. I main, decompile converts the low level code in high level code. The Android application is compiled in APK container that groups files as: xml, images and class. APK containers are … Continue reading

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ARviewer, PhoneGap and Android

Three months ago I wrote a post describing the plan that Raúl Roman and I are involved: build an augmented reality interface using PhoneGap. Today, we have uploaded a beta version (0.1.0) of ARviewer-PhoneGap to Android Market. This version works … Continue reading

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Address2Mobile: Final project of “Master on Free Software”

Address2Mobile project facilitates to user transfer information from screen (other devices also is possible) to mobile. In concrete it helps to user to create new nodes into LibreGeoSocial (LGS) application. Until now if you would like to create a new node in LGS, … Continue reading

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Distributed Video Surveillance System based on Android

Security and Surveillance Systems have always been demand in the industrial and home environment. The cameras, which human eyes are able to collect all visual information from the environment. Extensions necessary and highly desirable in these systems, and that few possess, are integration and interconnection with … Continue reading

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Google IO 2010: Keynote 1

Google IO es un evento anual celebrado por Google para desarrolladores que utilizan sus tecnologías. Desde 2008 se lleva celebrando y esta es su tercera edición. Su emplazamiento, desde su inicio, está el Moscone Center de San Francisco (California). Google … Continue reading

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Join us at the Mobile Augmented Reality Showcase in Barcelona, February 17, 2010

augmented reality, libregeosocial , MWC2010 Continue reading

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Android Developer Lab, Madrid – February 13 at URJC (Fuenlabrada)

Android Developer Lab is a set of events around the worldwide aimed at bringing technology to Android developers. Thanks to the co-organization of Google and GSyC/LibreSoft research group (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), there will be an Android Developer Lab in … Continue reading

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Trekking Android: 11-13 December

Trekking Android is an event organized by GSyC/LibreSoft of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and CENATIC to be held in Extremadura on 11, 12 and 13 December. This event aims to bring together all national companies and share your experience, objectives … Continue reading

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Connecting Android to JDEROBOT through ICE

Today, it seem impossible that we can’t control anything from our mobile device. I’m using JDEROBOT software to create a video-surveillance system based in software libre and low cost hardware. A good feature for this system is the total control … Continue reading

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